"One Change"

And the winner is: Sarah Britton!
Yes, she is my inspirational icon from 2012.

Here is the TEDtalk from Sarah, the author of My New Roots.




NO monkfish!

DO NOT eat this week's food in season.

The reason is simple: it's highly endangered!
Check more here.

I guess I was way too tired to tell you how responsible you should be.
Other species with the same common name can be found here.



This blog is on pause.

But, please, check this week's food in season: it's monkfish!

But you shouldn't eat it, because of this!


Need a lift?

Do it yourself!

I try not to spread the bad mood, but I hate silly, empty-head, full-of-laziness human beings!



Declaration of independence

I hereby officially declare I have drowned in work.

And in cinema.

And in photography.

And in literature.

And in food.

And in science.

And in music.

And in concerts.

And in cooking from scratch.

And in … what was I saying?

And a "barbecue" a long time ago. What a waste of materials.


Workaholic #2

There are times when I cannot separate work from personal life. Twice! How could I? How could anyone – who is deeply committed to his/her own work – disconnect?

There is no switch on/off. You look outside and see triggers of brainstorms that eventually lead to a great idea. All that colour. All that… wait a minute! Yes, that’s it! Life starts gradually. It isn’t math we are dealing with here. It’s life! Thus, a biologist will never be able to either see 0’s or 1’s.

There is so much more out there, yet so simple, it hurts!

And I miss it, just like the deserts miss the rain...