(Now in Portuguese)

Olá a todos,

Antes de mais, perdoem-me os anglicismos, mas isto de falar diariamente 3 línguas diferentes não é fácil. Espero que consigam acompanhar. 

No último fim-de-semana, decidi lançar a minha primeira loja online: https://society6.com/asofiaaferreira (Também no perfil do meu instagram).

Não gosto de partilhar muito o meu eu, mas decidi expôr algo que me é muito querido. Através de art prints, dou a conhecer ao mundo momentos até àquele dia só meus, visões que só eu tive, experiências que só eu vivi. No fundo, decidi expôr-me e, consequentemente, pedir-vos para me avaliarem e me dizerem se as minhas fotografias valem o vosso tempo, a vossas opinião e até mesmo o vosso dinheiro.

Todas as fotografias expostas na minha nova loja online foram tiradas por mim com máquinas analógicas que fui adquirindo nos últimos anos.

Porquê o analógico?
Comprei a minha primeira máquina digital em 2009, mas rapidamente comecei a acumular imensas fotografias - centenas e centenas de ficheiros arquivados, em que a maioria não chegou a ser usada uma segunda vez. Foi então que decidi doar a máquina digital à minha irmã e dedicar-me às analógicas.
Hoje em dia leio sobre fotografia quase todos os dias e possuo uma pequena colecção (com exemplares mais baratuchos, está claro) de quase 20 câmaras analógicas das quais tenho muito orgulho. Gosto de explorar cada uma delas. Erro muitas vezes. Aliás, erro imenso, mas aprendo com cada erro, cada clique, cada foto mal tirada, cada objecto desfocado.
A fotografia digital tem as suas vantagens, claro, mas descobri nestes últimos anos que o analógico está mais perto do que quero obter da fotografia. Até mesmo as cores acabam por me parecer mais reais. No entanto, a principal razão pela qual prefiro fotografia analógica é a seguinte: o analógico obriga-me a pensar e repensar em cada clique. Todas as imagens são avaliadas antes de serem imortalizadas através da lente da máquina. Tenho sempre de medir a luz, de pensar bem na composição que pretendo e tenho, essencialmente, de pensar se a imagem que estou a ver vale os euros que me está a custar.

Agora é o momento em que vos digo que sim, estas fotografias fazem tudo valer a pena!

Por isso, se gostam de imagens que reflectem o meu lado mais íntimo e artístico - ou se conhecem alguém que pudesse apreciá-lo - visitem a minha loja e apoiem o meu trabalho.

Espero que gostem e se conhecem alguma fotografia minha e não a conseguissem encontrar na loja, não hesitem em mandar mensagem que farei os possíveis para a colocar na loja o mais rapidamente possível.

Está claro que aceito sugestões, comentários e críticas com muito gosto =)



Ok, this is it!

I am doing it.

Today, I am lauching my webshop. This is a very big step for me. I am sharing my own experiences. I am showing my own moments. I am exposing myself.

I am also asking you to evaluate me. I am asking you to tell me whether my photographs are worth your opinion - and, ultimately, your money.

I decided to sell my photographs as art prints because I got to a point where I was looking at them and thinking that I was being selfish by only keeping them for me.

Why film?
Why film - you may ask. Well, I bought my first digital camera in 2009. I had fun with it but, most importantly, I learned a lot from it. However, I was collecting a lot of files - I mean A LOT! I have so many pictures that I have never seen twice. That was my cue - it was time to change. So, a couple of years ago, I decided to make the change. I gave my DSLR to my sister and focused only on film.

Nowadays, I read about photography almost every day - even if just for a couple of minutes. I collect film cameras. I think I own around 20 film cameras now, and I am always looking for new additions to my collection.

Film photography makes me think and rethink. I have to make sure the settings are right, that the film is put on correctly, that there is enough battery, etc. And light! I have to consider the light levels all the time. Sure you have to do this with digital as well, but if you get it wrong you will know right away. Film, on the other hand, is instant! It is real. It is raw. And you never know what you will going to get. Now, every time I press the shutter of one of my cameras, I think twice - is it really worth it?

Today is the day I tell you "Yes, I think these photographs made it all worth it!"

So, if you are interested - or know someone who is - in art prints of raw landscapes, of still nature, of trees, clouds and waves, please go ahead and support me by buying one of my photographs here. Any comments, critics or suggestions are welcome =)

If you cannot find the photograph you want in my webshop, just drop me a line and I will do my best to upload it to the store ASAP.

In a few days/weeks I will be sharing something else. So again, stay tuned!

"This is film photography.
This is nature."



Guilty pleasures

Throughout our lives, we engage in random activities in private - those which we are ashamed of, which we wouldn't admit even to our closest friend.

Well, I am no different.

When I was young, in my birthday parties, we would make swim suit contests, dance contests, mimic REALLY BAD TV shows (like "Big Show Sic", the Portuguese will know this one) and so on. Me and my girlfriends would practice our dance moves for hours! Spice Girls's songs, of course. And we loved it!

Also when I was young, I remember sitting in front of the TV, watching VH1, MTV, Sic Radical (a Portuguese channel) and the like and taking notes of the songs I liked. I also remember watching Disney Channel for hours. No, I wasn't that young - these channels arrived when I was already 14 or so, I guess. The truth is I wasn't that ashamed of it. Well, I guess I am now. What a waste of time!

When I was in high school, me and a group of others in my class pretended we were doing something in gym class, when we were actually just chilling outside. We would only get up when the physical education teacher would come outside. And this was not because I didn't like the class or the teacher. I just hated the way they taught us sports! I also hated doing it in front of others... Because outside school, I was swimming 2 km every day and so on, I just didn't bother to do anything in class. Actually not in any class except Math and occasionally in other classes where the teacher was actually motivating.

Here is a proof: I am a marine biologist, I love it and I can't imagine myself doing anything else; but if you look at my biology grades... Actually, just don't. They were ok, but that's it, just ok. My biology teachers were almost always SO BORING! And the way they were teaching it was even worse. But well, I could make a post just about how bad the standard educational system is, but not in this one. I guess my guilty pleasure here was not making an effort to be better. I don't regret it though. Why would I?

In the University, I guess I was slightly unsocial. Not because I didn't want to go out, but because it's not easy to find motivating people. I hate to waste time with people that just don't have it. Anyway, my guilty pleasure here was spending HOURS watching movies and rating them. I could spend all day doing it and I loved it. The truth is I miss it terribly!

As I grew older, I had less time to watch movies, and fell into the trap: the TV series trap! Marathons of them! My excuse? It was easy to follow and it didn't require much of my time and attention: the characters are the same throughout, I already know the plot, etc. It was an "easy break" for my brain.

Now, with a baby, a full-time job and a man who loves to talk, my guilty pleasure is coming home from work, putting both baby and boyfriend to sleep and watching anything that requires ZERO brain activity - and this can be anything from "Grey's Anatomy" to "Game of Thrones" (yes, GoT fans, it's as bad!).

Sometimes, I even put a mask on my face (one that was given to me by the store where I buy shampoo and the like... Those that know me also know I would never buy these things myself) just because I CAN do it! Just to feel myself again, instead of just a mom, girlfriend, or housewife. The truth is: the baby wakes up sometime between my alone rituals to eat and the mask stays on my face for like 30 min or more instead of just 5 or 10 min like the package says... But who's counting?

And there you have it - my list of guilty pleasures!


Daddy's girl

Breastfeeding is magical!

I won't deny, I do believe there is an extra bond when the mom is able to breastfeed her baby. And please, before you get offended, hear me out. I know there are women who cannot breastfeed, who choose to not breastfeed, etc. I am not saying that that is wrong. Everyone should be able to choose. I chose to breastfeed and I have never regretted it (ok, sometimes I do, but just for mere miliseconds).

There are these moments when my baby is screaming with tears in her eyes and I take her to my breasts and she instantly calms down.
Or when she looks right into my eyes and I know she knows I am here for her.
Or when she smiles when she sees me taking my shirt off to feed her.
I wouldn't change these moments for anything else in the world. They are magical. They take me to a better place, just me and my baby girl. And the thought of knowing they will end one day scares me deeply. I know they will and that is why I want to cherish them as much as I can while I can.


While pregnant, I got a job I could not refuse.

And I didn't. Luckily, Danish parents get 52 weeks off, which they can split anyway they please. This is amazing, right? Right. So, for us, this meant that Michael would leave his job and he would take care of our baby girl.

I went back to work almost 2 months ago. It took a while for us 3 to get used to the new routines (not that there were any before...). Ok, it took a while for us to get used to the new standard: mom goes to work, daddy stays home, Lilli gets fed from a bottle more often.

These changes made us get mad at each other for no reason. They also meant we would have endless crying and nights spent awake, but we got over it and daddy and baby girl are having fun together. I miss them terribly, but I manage. (I guess living oversees for such a long time helps knowing some tricks on how to cope with missing someone, even though nothing could have ever prepared me to missing my baby girl).

So now it is mostly daddy putting baby to sleep. I try and try, but daddy manages ALMOST EVERY TIME! I get jealous, I am not going to lie. But you know what? It's ok. I know that they are creating their own special moments, just like me when I breastfeed her, and that's ok. They deserve that time alone, even if it is hard at times.

All this also means I have to pump milk several times a day at work (more on this on another post), and thinking how much of her development I am missing... But no worries, I know she is in the best care possible.

And I know all this because nothing can make daddy smile the way our baby girl can. They also stare at each other's eyes, they also cry of tiredness, they also sink into deep relaxation when they smell each other, and that's ok. She daddy's girl.

She knows I am here, she is mine and that I am the one with the boobs, but SHE IS DADDY'S GIRL.


Non-stop moving

I am sure this post will make some people mad or at least jealous. I am also almost sure that this is not common, especially in such a short time.

My baby girl is only 4 months and has been traveling quite a lot.

She has been in:
- 12 flights,
- 10 cities
- 6 countries,
- and 2 continents.

And this is without counting the trips we did while she was literally a part of me.

She has been eating:
- in trains,
- in planes,
- in buses,
- in ferries,
- at airport security,
- outside a graveyard,
- coffee shops,
- restaurants,
- bars,
- conference halls,
- etc...

She has been sleeping in her pram/buggy for more than a month now.

She has been taking baths in bathroom sinks, hotel bathtubs, kitchen sinks or no baths at all when lacking for a better option. Needless to say that diaper changing has been quite the adventure, one may say.

My baby girl has been through a lot and has been managing quite ok. Even when we had to move to a different country.

And yes, she's only 4 months.

And even with jet-lag, we keep exploring wherever we are. Under sun and under rain.

Oh yes, and we are flying again in a week.

Who's jealous now?

No, this post is not to make anyone jealous. It actually has the sole purpose of inspiring parents around the world to not be afraid to travel. Yes, maybe we have been lucky with our little one, but you'll never know if you don't try, right? There have been some hard times, but we just take a deep breath and go on.

"Don't ever hesitate to pack and go."

So, keep moving, folks!


Single-handed job

Hello fellow readers (anyone?),

I write to you from a different country. Yes, we moved, but more of that in another post. Today, I am here to talk about how my multitasking skills have improved in the last 4 months.

If you want to improve your multitasking skills, follow these steps:
1. Make a baby. If you need advice on how to make a baby, please, send me an e-mail and I will make a drawing for you. If you need advice on how to make a non-crying baby, give up right now. That is not a baby! That does not exist in the real world;
2. Wait roughly 9 months. Yes, 9 months is worth it, trust me;
3. If you're a woman, then go ahead and push him/her out of you. If you're a man, wait until the biological/surrogate mother does that extremely easy job (NOT) for you. And no, it's not men's fault biology works the way it works, so just deal with it, ladies;
4. Hold baby in one arm et voilà!!! If you have made more than one baby, you're basically screwed, unless you're Chuck Norris, then you will be just fine!

Easy, right?

I can do almost everything while holding a baby in one arm. Needless to say, that arm is usually the left (I am right-handed), and is probably stronger than the right one by now... But who cares?


I left my baby

Last week I left my baby...

Hold your judgmental thoughts! Me and my man decided to leave our baby girl with her aunt for 3.5 h.

And why, do you ask?

Because STAR WARS, that's why!!! And it was worth it!

I mean, I felt a mix of things. On one side, the movie was great. It was beyond my expectations.

But even with
  • the right amount of action,
  • a good dose of drama,
  • great photography
  • respectful acting,
  • enough entertainment,
  • not diverging from original story,
  • etc.,
  • etc.,
  • etc.

I still felt that those 3 h and 30 min were the longest of my life. It was the first time I left my baby with someone else. It felt like something was physically missing from me. I am not kidding! After all, she has been a part of me for almost a year now and that sure leaves an impact.

I also felt a little guilty because I did not leave my baby to go exercise, to go to a doctor's appointment, or to do something extremely important for me or for her. No, I left her to go and have something for my own pleasure. Selfish? Yes, maybe, but I deserve it!

I do not want to stop doing things I love just because I am a mom now. Being a mom is not a condition. It's not a burden. It does not mean we have to stop living. Being a mom is extending your love and your heart to unimaginary proportions!

We carried our babies inside us and it sure felt as long as the wait for the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"; we gathered the strength to push them out of us with excruciating pain (or not so much for the lucky ones); we took a long healing time; we feed them and nurse them 24/7; and we are eternally devoted to them. She is my everything and, as Michael's nephew calls her, she is lille Fia. She is in fact a little version of myself and Michael. So yes, we deserve a few hours for pure and simple self-time.

So, please, mommies of the world, go and have some fun! And yes, daddies, you deserve it as much!

(P.S.: Sure, non parents of the world will be like "3 h and 30 min? That's nothing!" Well, to you I say: "May the force be with you for you have no clue what you are saying.")