Ok, this is it!

I am doing it.

Today, I am lauching my webshop. This is a very big step for me. I am sharing my own experiences. I am showing my own moments. I am exposing myself.

I am also asking you to evaluate me. I am asking you to tell me whether my photographs are worth your opinion - and, ultimately, your money.

I decided to sell my photographs as art prints because I got to a point where I was looking at them and thinking that I was being selfish by only keeping them for me.

Why film?
Why film - you may ask. Well, I bought my first digital camera in 2009. I had fun with it but, most importantly, I learned a lot from it. However, I was collecting a lot of files - I mean A LOT! I have so many pictures that I have never seen twice. That was my cue - it was time to change. So, a couple of years ago, I decided to make the change. I gave my DSLR to my sister and focused only on film.

Nowadays, I read about photography almost every day - even if just for a couple of minutes. I collect film cameras. I think I own around 20 film cameras now, and I am always looking for new additions to my collection.

Film photography makes me think and rethink. I have to make sure the settings are right, that the film is put on correctly, that there is enough battery, etc. And light! I have to consider the light levels all the time. Sure you have to do this with digital as well, but if you get it wrong you will know right away. Film, on the other hand, is instant! It is real. It is raw. And you never know what you will going to get. Now, every time I press the shutter of one of my cameras, I think twice - is it really worth it?

Today is the day I tell you "Yes, I think these photographs made it all worth it!"

So, if you are interested - or know someone who is - in art prints of raw landscapes, of still nature, of trees, clouds and waves, please go ahead and support me by buying one of my photographs here. Any comments, critics or suggestions are welcome =)

If you cannot find the photograph you want in my webshop, just drop me a line and I will do my best to upload it to the store ASAP.

In a few days/weeks I will be sharing something else. So again, stay tuned!

"This is film photography.
This is nature."


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