I left my baby

Last week I left my baby...

Hold your judgmental thoughts! Me and my man decided to leave our baby girl with her aunt for 3.5 h.

And why, do you ask?

Because STAR WARS, that's why!!! And it was worth it!

I mean, I felt a mix of things. On one side, the movie was great. It was beyond my expectations.

But even with
  • the right amount of action,
  • a good dose of drama,
  • great photography
  • respectful acting,
  • enough entertainment,
  • not diverging from original story,
  • etc.,
  • etc.,
  • etc.

I still felt that those 3 h and 30 min were the longest of my life. It was the first time I left my baby with someone else. It felt like something was physically missing from me. I am not kidding! After all, she has been a part of me for almost a year now and that sure leaves an impact.

I also felt a little guilty because I did not leave my baby to go exercise, to go to a doctor's appointment, or to do something extremely important for me or for her. No, I left her to go and have something for my own pleasure. Selfish? Yes, maybe, but I deserve it!

I do not want to stop doing things I love just because I am a mom now. Being a mom is not a condition. It's not a burden. It does not mean we have to stop living. Being a mom is extending your love and your heart to unimaginary proportions!

We carried our babies inside us and it sure felt as long as the wait for the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"; we gathered the strength to push them out of us with excruciating pain (or not so much for the lucky ones); we took a long healing time; we feed them and nurse them 24/7; and we are eternally devoted to them. She is my everything and, as Michael's nephew calls her, she is lille Fia. She is in fact a little version of myself and Michael. So yes, we deserve a few hours for pure and simple self-time.

So, please, mommies of the world, go and have some fun! And yes, daddies, you deserve it as much!

(P.S.: Sure, non parents of the world will be like "3 h and 30 min? That's nothing!" Well, to you I say: "May the force be with you for you have no clue what you are saying.")


Mariana said...

Tens que escrever mais aqui. Gosto de te ler ;)

Lucífera said...

Obrigada, Mariana =) Assim farei!