Open letter to my neighbours (boob talk)

Dear neighbours,

This open letter aims at explaining the reasons behind why I am regularly walking around topless. There have been countless moments where you found yourself looking through your window - maybe having a cup of coffee - and then, suddenly, there I was with my boobs free from (almost) all their worries.

I understand it may be uncomfortable for you; however, I will never apologise for it. Here are the reasons why I will not apologise for my toplessness (and prepare yourself for some more awkward boob talk):
  1. Try to image sore nipples, swollen breasts, and hot chest. It hurts to the point that no piece of fabric (bra, t-shirt, shirt, whatever) is welcome. Thus, walking around with my boobs out feels just like heaven!
  2. When my baby is hungry, SHE IS HUNGRY! Again, any amount of fabric on top will just slow things down and make her mad. You don't want her to get mad and cry, do you? (Even though it is also healthy if she cries a little and learns that life does not always go as planned...)
  3. I am home and I do whatever I want at home. Enough said!
  4. (Warning: lame excuse) I have to be honest: I do not have any breastfeeding-friendly clothes, therefore, I mainly use loose t-shirts, which, again, make it harder for me to undress fast enough to feed my daughter.
  5. Hey, it's just boobs, ok? It is not my fault that society turned them into sexualised objects. Yes, that's right! Their original purpose is actually something else... Guess what: breastfeeding!
  6. You are not alone in this journey. I have had to take my milk machines out in front of friends, at the airport, cafés, restaurants, etc. And she is only one month old!
So no, I am definitely not going to apologise for it. As much as it may be weird for you to see me topless on a regular basis, there is nothing I can do for you. However, the good news (for you) are that winter is coming, therefore my toplessness-time will be drastically reduced, since I am starting to feel cold when I free my milk-producing-gadgets.


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