I'm a mom and that's ok

Yes, I have recently become a mom, more precisely, 2 weeks ago.

No, I don't usually share personal parts of my life.

Yes, this is a VERY personal part of my life.

No, I also don't usually share points of view regarding matters of the parenthood.

And yes, this is exactly what that is.

Why? Well, why not? I am not writing this post for parents. They would probably be like "she is not writing anything new to me, so why bother?" I am also not writing this for the non-parents. These would be like "I am not considering becoming a parent anytime soon, so why bother?" or, most likely, "This is lame!" I am instead writing this for myself, as if to make it somewhat more real to me. I am still trying to get used to this new adventure. Besides, reading this in 10 years time will be very amusing.

Believe it or not, being a parent is so cool! I get to spend hours and hours with a human being that came out of me. She depends on me. I need to be there nearly every 3 hours to feed her, wash her, change her diaper.

The routine of nursing a newborn (or an older baby) is quite interesting from a biologist perspective. We get to see exactly what goes in and out of our study organism, which, in this case, is my daughter (yes, I said it, MY DAUGHTER!!! Still quite unbelievable...) She feeds from my milk production machines (that's all I can call them right now) and a few hours latter, as if by magic - no, it's actually called digestive system - it all comes out. Like a cycle. Of course this happens with adults as well - duh!!! - but it is so much more clear and simple in a newborn, whom have a pristine and purely functional digestive system.

All the hours I get to spend with her are, to be honest, quite boring... Yes, that's right! Every 3 hours, everything repeats again. These are the times when I think "what the heck was I thinking?" But these thoughts only last for mere seconds. She just needs to move a little, or lay still, anything, and I melt into her magic. She owns me. She owns my life. At least for some months now.

As I write this, I watch her sleep and make cute noises. (Yes, I said cute! I know it's lame, but I am a mom now, so it's ok.) Her father is doing something he calls "man's job", so I can focus on sharing this.

2 weeks ago, I was in labour. I was in pain. It was the worst day of my life - no kidding! But it was also the best day of my life! It was all worth it. I would do it all over again to make sure she came out as healthy and as beautiful as she did.

SHE CAME OUT OF ME! Is there anything more awesome than saying this? Sure, she felt like an alien all throughout the pregnancy moving arms and legs inside me. It felt weird! And then, almost 40 weeks later, she came out, head first, as if by saying "yes, I was inside you all this time. Cool, huh? How's life?"

The dad was a hero. As soon as the head was coming out, he grabbed her, looked at her, and pushed her out of me. Yes, he did this! I envy him for this! I wish I could be both mom and dad at that point. He was so awesome! I am sure it was an experience he will never forget. Nor will I!

So yes, being a parent is cool. Being a mom is even cooler (I don't know otherwise...). If you are not convinced, well, then maybe you shouldn't have one yourself just yet, or never... Whatever you decide, make sure you do what you want and not what others tell you to do.

It's still quite a surreal experience for me and I cannot believe I am a mom yet, but I would not trade this for anything. Yes, it's complicated!