Blackberries, “vou dizer ao teu pai que já nAMORAS!”

I managed to pass last week’s food in season. If I recall it correctly, my guess is that it was broad beans, which are pretty awesome as well. Unfortunately – or just because my brainstorm on recipes did not move towards them – I haven’t bought any broad beans for this entire year. Maybe it is about time to change that. I am sure I am still on time to get pretty good ones.

In any case, this week is dedicated to one of my very favourite fruits – I LOVE BERRIES!!! Specially in they are dark: blueberries, black currants, blackberries, you name them and I eat them! Oh yeah, I love that dark, rough, bitter, overwhelming flavour…oh la la!

Funny enough, I bought the best blackberries ever on the day Eat the Seasons announced this week’s food. It was just by chance, believe. I saw them laying on the stand – with an extremely expensive price in the tag, but who cares? (that’s another issue I may possibly discuss in a near future) – and I just couldn’t resist. After a run, what better could I have asked for? I ate some and guess what, I froze the rest. I am that kind of person that always leaves the best to the end. By freezing berries in season (or any other fruit, for that matter), I can enjoy the best of them later in the year. Oh dear freezer, I guess you’ll get pretty full if I keep seeing these beauties around.

Epah, diz à vontade, porque eu AMO amoras!”

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