A grain, a green, and a bean + one more

This is no rocket science, but it Is quite obvious – one of those things you won’t miss, unless you are a single-life goal person. What I mean is that this is pretty straight-forward.

A grain, a green and a bean. Read more about this hereA grain, a green and a beanas opposed to “the not so good, the possibly equally bad, and the extremely ugly” concept.

A grain, a green, and a bean – have you had your share of these today? I would add a seed. I eat so many seeds per day, you wouldn’t believe.

A grain, a green, and a bean: that’s all you need for a perfect, and nutritionally complete meal. Even if you don’t fancy vegetarianism, you may base your food plans on these components (a grain, a green, a bean, and a seed), and you are ready to go. Come on, if the athletes can do it, why can’t you?

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