The God I See – Part II

Religion is not my thing. I only believe in Mr. D himself (yes, he deserves an upper-case). The one with the turtles and birds’ beaks.

(Part I can be found here.)

There is just so much going on in the planet, that I do not find the time to look into the other side. I do not believe there is a god, but if there is one, let it be there. Will it make any difference? I can only see pros and cons of my actions, of your actions, of our neighbour actions. I do not see the point of going deep into something that will not have any influence in our lives.

Meantime, with my research into understanding religion-related people, I came across some interesting things. Well, they were here and there, but all led to the same conclusion – religion was a very good excuse to build extraordinary pieces of architecture. An amazing art gallery, with an altar, bunches, loads of wood, and some kind of organs. And dears, these are definitely amazing! I could spend hours just looking, shooting, and listening to them. I just love these creatures. Strong, deep, low-tune sounds coming out of long metal pipes.

Folks, CC is NOT a religion!!! Please, do not turn to me with "I do not believe in climate change"! What the heck do you possibly mean by that? It is there!!!! HERE, actually. You either see it or you do not, but it exists! It is not a matter of belief, for D's sake!

Yes, that is right! The god I see is myself! I am a deep believer of my miracles. I worship myself every day and pray that I will be here to capture everything you have to show me.

There are some serious problems (check IPCC reports, for instance) occurring at the moment, and we should definitely be doing something about them. Instead of fighting for lands and oil, why can't we just fight for what is actually (almost not) here?

No, seriously, I do think it is a waste of our precious time to be a believer, but, please, make sure you do have something to show. Challenge yourself! Overcome your expectations and be proud! Do not waste your time with irrelevant issues. Focus on your task: be the best of the human beings! I am almost sure that if there is one (or more) god around, he won't mind you being better than him.

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