Match-mismatch - a hypothesis revisited.

I deal with starvation on a daily basis. No, I am not in any sort of diet. Well, I am on a diet as everyone else is. I have my preferences. So, based on those, I follow my own diet, which is basically eating what I like the most. The good thing is that I am lucky enough to like healthy food, so my diet could be applied to most people. This is just to say that I never starve, I eat whatever I want, and it is working perfectly fine, because I only want good foods.

On the other hand, my daily starvation issued focus on whether my beloved ones have enough food to survive, to perish, and become amazing creatures. Timing is the key word here. Shall the food source become later and everything is pretty much affected. Reproduction may decrease. Growth may cease. Populations may vanish. Who knows?

One day – pretty soon, don’t worry – I will embark on a short description of these creatures. They are awesome on what they are known for, and the base of all aquatic life. Maybe even terrestrial.

It was a long waiting, but it was worth it, right?

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