Getting out of the box

Scream out loud so you may be heard. Don’t just stand there, practicing some shoe-gazing.

This is just to emphasize that, no matter what you work on, working strategies should not be fixed. Allow yourself to get out of your routine. Be creative!
Try a different perspective and you may be amazed.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Get some fresh air.
Come back to the same place (if you happen not to find anything les boring), but try. It frequently happens to me that I solve a problem (that was taking me ages before) just after I have a break.

One very important big break (ok, several huge breaks!!!) in my life is allowing to culturize” myself as much as possible. Concerts, cinema, photography, museums, books, dance shows… There is always some form of art in my life.

I could not leave without it.
(Nor with you!)

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