Run run run

We run, we try to run away from routines. Busy lives, full schedules. That is what our society means by “life”. “Get a life”, they say. But life is not that for me. I go crazy if I do the very same thing for some time. Depending on the task, I can give up on something (or someone) in 5 minutes. If it is not interesting enough, it is not for me.

My point being: do not try to waste time with tasks and people with nothing to give or teach you (even when you are the teacher, you learn). That is why, when you are truly honest and committed, you win. Congrats! You deserve it!


Carla said...

adorei! concordo a 100%! ***

Lucífera said...

Thanks! É bom saber que concordas. Faz todo o sentido =)