The bigger, the better

Double sized snacks have a great advantage. Depending on your craving, you may opt for the perfect-sized snack. I like keep my options open.

Regarding the size issue, there is a theory that claims that “the bigger, the better”. I may have mentioned this theory on a previous post (have I?), but here it goes again for those who have an incredible memory, such as mine is.

If you are a prey, you should consider investing in growing bigger, rather than in achieving a longer life. Moreover, you should consider growing as fast as possible, so you get out of the “predatory window”. This window is basically the size-spectrum that a predator can handle, i.e. there is a minimum size above which a predator (depending on the type of predator we are dealing with, if it is a filter-feeding predator, then pretty much everything enters, then it just expels what isn’t important) starts considering. At this same point in time and space, the cost of preying is surpassed by the profit – both nutritionally and energetically. There is also a maximum size over which the predator is no longer able to ingest the prey due to the size of its own mouth. So you better grow faster to surpass the size of your predator’s mouth, right?

And today is the day when a LOT of things happen. 

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