What's in season?

Have you been filling up your fridge/counter with foods that are in season?

Before you go out shopping for food, check this valuable website. They launch a list of foods in season. Of course this would depend on the country you living in, and whether these products are produced in your town or surroundings – a.k.a. locally. This way, you make sure you are eating healthier, helping your neighbour, and your country’s economy.

Eat local! Eat organic! Eat whole foods!

These beers are prized-winner beers, produced in Denmark. With elderflower, a beloved ingredient up here.

Check also the “10 ways to Eat Greener” by Whole Living. Also, try to aim to a maximum of 10-15 products per week and use ONLY those products (plus products that can stay in the counter/fridge for weeks to months). This is an extremely good tip.

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