Comfort zone

Feed me some scones and I will be your friend forever.

I love lazy Sundays with plenty of movies and jams to top my scones. Either that or some home-baked pie/galette. There are just a few things better than this: a highly sportive Sunday morning/afternoon.

I tend to start my Sundays with a walk in the neighbourhood. I live in a somewhat quiet, fancy area, with loads of nice cafés and gourmet food. I seat for a while in some place, and then go to buy my groceries in a local store, with plenty of organic, fresh food. Then I go back home, prepare some lunch, watch a movie or two, and go jogging. I feel so relieved after this, that, after my dinner, I watch another movie together with chamomile infusion (I may even add some freshly grinded ginger, fresh lemon juice, and raw honey) and I am good to go. Monday morning I feel that I have completely replenished all my energies, and the work goes smoothly.

Just like a good start should be.

Speaking of which, today also means one month of a new start for my little sister. Congratulations, dear! You deserve it =)

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