New old friends

Has it ever happen to you?

You get yourself a new set. New job. New goals. New city. New start. So far, so good.

Then you get introduced to new costumes, new life-styles, new routines. Even in the kitchen. Ok, I have to admit I am not the best example for I am extremely flexible when it comes to adapting. I educate my food habits as I very well please et voilá.  I have developed a passion for avocados some years ago. I eat them as if I have been eating them my whole life. Instead of complaining about the changes in my life, I get inspired by my new surroundings. This  is what happens to me.

The down side it that I cannot stop my brain. It just keeps creating even when I am sleeping. Of course my day length is the exact same as yours – an incredibly short 24 hour-period – and I never manage to put exerything in practice. The best way is to do it as soon as I get introduced to/think about it.

Here is my source of inspiration.

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