Sesame Street

A great show, which turned my childhood into its right place. Not like the messed-up stuff they pass on tv nowadays.

Anyway, sesame is the link here. Sesame plant. Sesame seeds. Sesame pods. Sesame oil. You name it. And name it right! What an amazing ingredient it is. I love it, and use it on a regular basis. I would even dare to say I am become a fan, huge fan.

One use I made of it was to try home-made tahini. What a great success! It turned out perfect. It pretty much tastes like peanut butter (but a very very very good one, I may add).

Toast seeds in a pan, with nothing at all but sesame seeds. Blend them with some sesame oil and there you go. Store in air-tight container in the fridge. I managed to add them on toast, home-made hummus, as salad dressing, etc.

Just perfect!

Blågårdsgade 20.

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