Optimal foraging theory

Foraging strategies may not be within your definitions, but they do exist. Trust me!

That is to say that organisms adopt such strategies to maximize their net intake energy per unit of time. Read this and this to find out more about this topic. However, I tend to see humans as adopting these strategies to optimize their own profits, rather than their communities’. I wonder when are we going to realize that the Earth is a living organism itself, and that whatever we do, there will be consequences.

Ones more drastic. Others more dramatic, but, believe me, everything works within a circle. Nothing is wasted. Recycling is the key-word. Yes, the Earth recycles everything. I mean EVERYTHING! So do not get surprised by the fact that the climate is changing. It is just the Earth responding. And we should respond as well.

My suggestion: “Yes, Earth, we are here. We are still here. What do you need?”

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