“Epah, tira-me isso”

In the modern language (current version) of Mr. Viriathus, the title of this post means: “Hey, take that off”, and sounds like <hepah, tiramissu>.

Yes, I made tiramissú. An Italian relic, easy to make, and deliciously tasteful.

Pictures from a random breakfast. There was a whole bunch of food left from the last home-made brunch with friends, including this pancake mix.

Ask Miss C. Pini for recipe.


/Christina said...

Ha ha ha! I was wondering what you did to that tiramisu. It did not look like any kind I had ever tried, and trust me that is a lot ;-)

Lucífera said...

Hehe. The tiramissú is already gone. It didn't last long.
These are just pancakes. My pictures seldom match what I write =)