Meet me upstairs

It is quite annoying when a complete day of work slips right through your hand, just in front of your eyes.

The good thing is that it is actually a good exercise for my shorter-than-ever memory.

I will meet you way high, never below a certain threshold. Those who remain downstairs will be left behind. Aim high! Move high!

Be high! It doesn’t really matter which drug you use. As long as you are within your own limits (personal-set rules, and not those set by someone else), any type of relationship (food, culture, etc.) works. Just make sure it turns you into a self-awareness state. That you become a self-thinking human being. With clear goals, a bright future will be always ahead of you. Ok, enough of this talk. What I mean is that you should try to overcome your expectations and do not allow yourself to go down. Be productive! Do not waste time with non-sense, and be sure to always look forward.

If you are high, than congratulations, you fool! Aim higher now!

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