Like light shinning through my veins

The first time I tried ghee was some weeks ago, and, let me tell you, it was AMAZING! The next day, my breakfast had to have ghee on it. It was a SUNday

What an overwhelming experience, I must say. Ghee on toast. Simple. Tasty. (DELICIOUS!!!) Nutritious. Healthy. You name it.

It is such a power ingredient. An ingredient you should try. I am planning to replace any kind of oil I have been using. Not always, of course. Other oils, such as those from olives, coconut, or sesame ate also very important, but the main difference is that ghee can be taken at very high temperatures.

Seriously, why don’t you try? This one on the picture was obviously made by my one of my biggest inspirational persons, Miss Sarah Britton. Please, read her recipe and relevant information here.

It is like a golden syrup. The sun just shines through it when is freshly made. And when it cools down, it can still remind me of the sun. I love it! Thanks, Sarah!

Ok, I had a cafe latte as well, but it could have very well been a nice chai latte.

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