Sattva by S. Britton

As you may have figured out by now, my pictures, title of posts, and so on are a little bit misleading some times (ok, most of the times). If you know me well enough, that is me! I like to give hints to people, set back, and enjoy while they realize everything by themselves. I allow them to come across the exact same experiences I had when I reached that phase.

With that being said: I am IN LOVE!!!! Believe me. She is just amazing! I am so thankful to myself that I have decided to join her classes. Mind-blowing, amazing creature in the world. Thanks loads!

But not everything is like fresh roses. Surprisingly enough, Miss S. Britton taught me that one of my favourite breakfasts, and my somewhat-new-lover are wrong in so many ways. Well, I just have to balance it!

(I apologize if you guys were expecting non-food related articles from me for this weekend, but I just cannot help myself. She is truly awesome!)

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