Ground-based life

I am in such a good place right now. Ok, let me guide you through it. There is the SAD. There is EVSA. There is whatever. The place where I stand now is pretty much balanced, is great, is pleasure!

If you are not getting any pleasure from your food, your work, your music, just change it! Move on! Embrace the change! Embrace the person you so want to be! Overcome your expectations and release all that bad energy.

Sweat! Really, literally expel all those toxins from your system. It is an amazing experiment to just go for jogging (or whatever you are into) and sweat. It is just like a miracle. I fly all the way to the moon, come back, and I am in heaven. Excited, happy, ready to change the world with my own two extreme small hands. How awesome is this?

I just hope I am not alone in old-world-system-changing, because everything is just so wrong.

I definitely will keep fighting for the fish. These words meant this world (and perhaps even the next one) to me! Thanks loads!

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