3 days, 2 nights

Grab camera. Back-pack. Bus to Kongs Nytorv. Metro to Kastrup. Flight to STN. Train to Liverpool. Coffee. Underground to Brixton. Bus to Peckham. Cheap&easy. Shower. Eat. Bus. Queue. No camera! Sit. “Just close your eyes.” Red, The Dillinger. Escape Mastodon. Plan Fang. 3 Danish each. Back. “And pretend that everything is fine.” Sleep.

Breakfast. Run for cornetti. “I’ll tell you when.” Palace. Nando’s. Camden. Zoo. SD. Oxford. Italiano. “Oh mãe!” Underground. Sleep.

Cornetti. Dickens. Bye! Underground. LOMO! Oh yeah! Coffee lovers. Train. Airport. 261. Home!

See you in 463.

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