Same thing, different settings

Within 24 h, a complete change in perspective. Good change though. I would even dare to say I prefer night time photography. It is usually more challenging.

These were shot without a tripod (which would not be needed during day time anyway). The quality is bad. I would have done it differently today, but it is just to show the difference. If I would want to keep the same aperture for the night time shot (which would greatly improve the shot, by the way), I would need twice as much time (2 s) as I needed for the day time shot. Without a tripod, it is tricky to find a steady surface, and that was the reason why I chose to use a wider aperture (f/6.3). It is much easier to keep the camera steady for 1 s than for 2 s, believe me.

One may argue that I could always try a higher ISO, but I never do that unless I am shooting people partying. I hate the amount of noise I get with ISO’s higher than 400.

I used the standard lens that comes with the CANON EOS 450D, which is the EF 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6. I just hope I can get a better lens any time soon (say with a f/1.8 or something).

Another thing to notice is the position of shadows. The source of light during the day is completely different at night.

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