I want to tell you that I miss her

to miss
v. missed, miss·ing, miss·es
  1. To fail to hit, reach, catch, meet, or otherwise make contact with.
  2. To fail to perceive, understand, or experience: completely missed the point of the film.
  3. To fail to accomplish, achieve, or attain (a goal).
  4. To fail to attend or perform: never missed a day of work.
    a. To leave out; omit.
    b. To let go by; let slip: miss a chance.
  6. To escape or avoid: narrowly missed crashing into the tree.
  7. To discover the absence or loss of: I missed my book after getting off the bus.
  8. To feel the lack or loss of: Do you miss your family?
  1. To fail to hit or otherwise make contact with something: fired the final shot and missed again.
    a. To be unsuccessful; fail.
    b. To misfire, as an internal-combustion engine.
  1. A failure to hit, succeed, or find.
  2. The misfiring of an engine.
I do miss her badly.

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