Deep inside, every single one of us is sure that our past expectations will be overcome by today’s achievements. No one is exactly sure how to reach the point-of-no-return (PNR. Ok, for the sake of misunderstandings, let us add one more letter, PONR), yet everyone makes wishes on the last days of the year. Whether you are a truly believer, or an atheist, you may easily find yourself wrapped into this state of mind.

In any case, allow me to suggest the following: keep your objectives in mind, and try not to diverge from them. If you do, make sure you find the most likely explanations for that/those deviation(s). Most of the times, there is no single path to achieve a single objective, so bear that in mind.

Fresh start, fresh new beginning! Maybe not, but who cares? My point being: greatly distancing yourself from what you really are may end up in another person, which is not a good sign. Unless you exactly wish to completely change yourself, you should aim at the latter and avoid the former. Every human being requires a goal in life, in order to fully embrace the art of “living the life” (redundancy). To a certain extent, even if unconsciously, everyone has at least one goal in life. One may not know now what is his/her goal, but it does not mean it is not there.

I have mine. You have yours. Let us just hope they are not mutually exclusive.

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